The Sustainable Fashion Brand

Staunton Legend Sustainable Fashion Clothing CollectionSTAUNTON LEGEND is a happy chain brand, that produces high quality, timeless collections for the demanding traveler and fashion lover. Maartje van Egmond wants to enrich your world with her vision of the One Suitcase Wardrobe. A collection of fashionable and elegant items, for women and men, that can be worn throughout the day and regardless of the event. Move easily and confidently from business meeting to social event in our tailored pieces. Travel light with our One Suitcase Wardrobe.

One of our main goals is to create an innovative sustainable fashion label. We value all people in the production chain and the environment. We have a vision of ethical clothing in which our raw materials are sourced, purchased, and manufactured in a responsible and sustainable way.

We have chosen to produce our products at suppliers based in Portugal, Vietnam and Italy. In these countries we can assure that working conditions are healthy and people are treated in a respectful way.

We source our fabrics at premium suppliers based in Korea, France, Italy, Portugal and Japan.

We develop the smallest accessories as buttons, name labels, zippers at premium suppliers in Portugal, Hong Kong, France and Japan.

In our supply chain and production process we follow the guidelines of the Fashion Movement

Fashion Revolution is a global movement within the textile industry. They are calling for greater transparency, ethics and lowering the environmental impact of the fashion industry. We hope that many more clothing companies will follow our lead.