One Suitcase Wardrobe
We have chosen to make a smart and compact collection capsule as a base collection that everybody needs, that contains all season items with a luxury timeless design which adapts to a modern dynamic elegant lifestyle and fashion style. New STAUNTON collection items can easily combined with already existing STAUNTON items, the STAUNTON long lasting valuable.
We follow our sustainable philosophy:  Choose to buy better produced products which suits your fashion and lifestyle the best.
Who is Staunton?
Two legendary characters are the inspiration for the look and feel of the collection capsules.
The Staunton men is an independent freelance pilot and photographer, who in his free time loves to write, and practices all kinds of sports and watersports.
The Staunton lady is an independent architect, designer and artist who has projects all over the world.
They play together in the same eclectic, improvising collective music band. She plays the piano and is a singer. He also sings and plays the guitar. It is part of their  lifestyle. The band has lot of members of music friends, that performs often at innovative music bars all over the world.