Discover the World of Staunton Legend

Maartje van Egmond Staunton Legend About us

Maartje van Egmond started her vision of Staunton Legend in 2017. She is building that vision on a long and successful career in fashion and design.

Maartje is inspired by Robby Naish, whose second name is 'Staunton' and who is, in her eyes a strong independent spirit, with a unique way of life and fully relies on his intuition. With this in mind she set out to create a unique fashion collection. 

While starting her creations, Maartje went on to find a fitting logo for her new luxury brand. She found that her idea of a 'Smart' collection would be best visualized in a combination of the 5-point safety belt pilots wear and the image of the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci.

In April 2019 Maartje fulfilled her long-standing dream of opening a concept brand store. The store presents the brand and is an opportunity to step into the world of Maartje van Egmond. Next to what Staunton Legend has to offer, Maartje has handpicked other Brands, for the store, that best represent the Staunton lifestyle.